santorini, greece
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Why in some places this is more than worth to stay in luxury hotel

I travel repeatedly. I travel immensely. Therefore, I believe that I am able to say that I know much when it comes to travelling. I often look for the the less expensive accommodation possible. I usually don’t mind small and gloomy room, usually even without a bathroom. In such moments I keep convincing myself that this is not important how my room looks like as I will visit the city during the whole day anyway. But there are some locations where this just doesn’t work like that. And one of those places in Santorini.
trip by plane
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How to relax on great vacations far away from problems – advices and accommodation.

Every single one is looking forward to have they days off and go to vacations. The destinations may be various, however there is a few important matters that must be noticed before we start our trip, the most problematic is accommodation.
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