temporary body tattoo
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Tattoo don't have to pain and be expensive

At the moMENt, when we are walking down the city, mainly in summer, we have a chance to see many of individuals with pretty tattoos. Nothing odd in this, cause this sort of decoration isn't linked with crime scene anymore, even in big office You may have it.
combination products
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Sign contract with large, pharmaceutical concern

When Poland become part of EU it was possibly some of the majority important gaits into history of state. Nothing weird in that, cause during this past decade citizens become a lot more rich and are able to work outside the Poland.
temp tattoos
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Become a star this summertime

Everybody loves to be beautiful and has trendy accessories. Nowadays, it's extremely stylish to have tats. Unfortunately, not everyone is so courageous to tat some signs on his or her bodies.
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Pharmaceutical companies - great place to work

More then decade earlier, many of Polish citizens emigrate abroad, especially to the England. They're looking for better employment, cause thanks to membership in EU, it was finally legal for them.
software house international
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Which potential option for functioning in IT branch should we consider?

It is commonly recognizable fact that many enterprises which are now operating on the market really want to create a high incomes. The possible profit often motivate us for obtaining a new possibilities of investMENt which can generate the shortest way for benefit.
android application development
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What alternatives should we consider for applying new technologies in our company?

It is a commonly recognizable fact that right now informatics systems have got a huge influence on our daily functioning. Possibly anyone from us cannot imagine doing many daily tasks without using them in practice.
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Bishkek - nice destination for holidays

When Poland become member of European Union, its citizens get an opportunity to fly whole around the globe for a penny, thanks to cheap airline carriers. Even now, entire decade after, those agencies also are surprising us every year with new connections available.
silk road tour
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Travel trough Silk Road for a song

Many of Polish citizens are exploring cheap airline firms to fly for vacations each summer. Nothing weird in that, cause that is really interesting option. Since this year, those companies are providing another connection, now you are able to visit central Asia.
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Nicest applications for our smart phones

Poland is developed state right now, so plenty of it inhabitants have access to modern products, such as internet for instance. Not only adults but either under aged people are using smart phones, which are online, every day.
device manufacturing
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Pharmaceutical concerns in our country are hiring!

People who are living at the moMENt in our country has a lot simpler existence then their relatives couple dozens years ago. It's all thanks to our membership in EU.
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