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Cars – where are these come from?

Everyone knows and moves by vehicles. Some part of our society has additionally a travel licence and the possibility to move on their own. However, not everybody is mindful where the cars come from.

Cars – where are these come from?

When you would like to get to know the history better and deeper, it's worth to find out more about the fathers of the automobile.

Cars – where are these come from?

The first documents of history say about Ferdinand Verbiest that probably demonstrated the first prototype in 1678.
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Wonderful trip to the middle of Asia

When we're tired of winter, at the beginning of year, sometimes we begin to organizing next vacations at some exotic spot. If you are wondering of that at the moment, you should consider to travel to Kazakhstan, cause since 2017, small airline companies are providing flights up there.
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How to travels in Dreamliner low-cost but convenient?

If you are thinking of travels whole summer to destinations far away, it is not as abstract as you could suspect. Thanks to dreamliner flights, you are ready to travels very long distances in reasonable costs. Since science allowed designing new long distance airplanes, much more tourists can afford journey to different continents, cause prices for that are even 10 times smaller then before.
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