Gadgets and technology
By: Cajsa Lilliehook
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Some drawbacks of fast technological progress and how to deal with them

Today people often live in an environment overflowing with wide range of novelties. The innovations that are indeed impressive are being created in right where we live.
By: Phalinn Ooi
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The reasons you don't have customers

The reasons why your customers love to select modern hairdresser's salon.

The reasons you don't have customers

When you lose your customers and you need to know the reasons they prefer your competitors, it is worth to look closer at your business. It is worth to consider your supply.
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Why a hair salon app may be such a practical tool for salon management?

A customer arrives at your salon and she wishes to take an appointment with her usual hair stylist. And also for the same treatment as last time she came. Do you have a plan how to locate this data in a paper agenda where you register your customers?
By: J R
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How we can produce heat in our homes without spending a lot of money?

We all understands that winter is pretty hard and challenging part of the calendar year. In the course of this period of time, we are uncovered to impact of low temperatures which in many cases can be harmful.
By: zeesenboot
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Take up unique activity – begin sailing

Fall is an excellent time to try new things like cruising. It is 1 of the most worthwhile activities which can be completed in quite each destination where the water is located. Nowadays, increasingly more individuals who began to travel on their own think about purchasing the ship. These days, the ship can be compared to the home, so that is why, it is important to consider each detail while creating the ship.
By: Fabrice Florin
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Improve your worktime imperfections with free time tracking app

Whether you are a lawyer, marketer, programist, designer or project manager in huge company, you certainly feel sometimes that your workflow falls apart, some important thing are missing, you don’t work on the most crucial issues. Why is that?
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How to design protected pill blisters?

The pills are designed to help the people in their hard moments, during various diseases. For those causes, it is significant to produce blisters of pills which are safe for their consumers and can be open very quickly with no extra help of the closest household members. The pills are manufactured for the patients and ought to be effortless to operate for them.
online booking software
By: grego1402
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How to make an appointment with your hair stylist?

It shouldn't be a complicated question, particularly for women who visit the hair salon or SPA services regularly.

How to make an appointment with your hair stylist?

But, if you need to book an appointment at the specialists, here is provided the most common remedy that is called online booking software.
By: M Contos
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Oder custom application for Your company!

IT field is one of the most progressing these days. Nothing weird in that, there's a large request to develop computers, find new technologies, modify the concept of science.
By: Mike Gifford
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Finest applications for the smart phone

During last, five years IT sector progressed like never before. People start to appreciate helpful applications every day not just on the laptops, but even mobile phones.
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