Microsoft Corporation - 1 of the most popular corporations in the universe

In the era of PCs, there is one day which has changed the computer globe. It is the 4th of May 1975. Here are most likely not lots individuals who are familiar with the day because it is not a state holiday and PC fans do not remember it at all. It is a day of founding of Microsoft Company. The founders of the success – Bill Gates and Paul Allen have become popular universe and earned lots of money but what is the most important – they have made a transformation in the PC world and changed it for better.

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By: Marcus Balcher
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At the moment, Microsoft Corporation is 1 of the most recognized business in the world and the system – Windows is familiar by each user in the globe. Even this article would not have any possibility to be published without the huge discovery of Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

Now, in the era of the Internet individuals also broadly use the Microsoft’s goods. What is more, the Microsoft Business has founded the Internet retailer where people can obtain the items without going out the bedroom. It is very comfortable and a huge progress in the field.

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What do people can buy at Microsoft retailer? The shop is divided into 11 comfortable retailer sections. Those sections symbolize various items which are made a use by the shopers to make the shopping easier and faster. They are:
- Surface
- Surface accessories
- Office
- Windows cell
- Windows
- Xbox
- Xbox live
- Cameras
- Present cards
- Student store
- Small business
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