Tonight it would be discussed and presented meaning of the expression “trend”

Tonight it would be talked about and described meaning of the word “style”. Fashion is connected with not cheap dress, thin models, style designers and runaway. Nonetheless, fashion aims are more advanced than comfortable clothes.
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There are 5 fundamental targets. They are: 1) Useful target 2) Ethics goal 3) Attractive aim 4) Sexual target 5) Formal target

In this piece of writing there will be presented all the targets which are not obvious for every clothes shoper.

The 1st target is a practical aim. The basic aim of dress is a safety from freezing and makes the body hot in cold temperature. Furthermore, it is a fundamental cause of buying dress by people. In states where temperature is frequently under 0 in autumn, warm clothes are extremely influential. If people will not be dressed in proper clothing, they may die if they will find in a not easy circumstances.


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Contemporarily fashion plays a quite popular role regards decisions of different clients in the topic of clothing. Therefore, increasing percentage of people instead of saving on such products decide to spend more of their savings in order to look more fashionable.

The 2nd aim is morals. It is providing basic needs for person. Every man posses the right to keep discretion of his/ her body.

The third goal is an ornamental target. Several people buy dress to look better in them and make an impression on other individuals. The right clothes can highlight the best parts of the body and cover the worst. Other target is called – sexual aim. Several people, mostly ladies buy clothes to catch attention of males. They usually wear sexy miniskirts and wear red high heels. Several ladies love to purchase only those kinds of clothes to emphasize the beauty of them.

The last aim is official one. It can be assumed that nearly everyone of our population has purchased the types of dress. Here are plenty opportunities when you are able to wear formal clothing – for instance when you begin school, when you graduate school or at job meeting. The formal clothing are required to be wearing in workplace, at school and in government. From time to time, when individuals see you wearing official dress, they start to respect you and thanks that you are able to achieve your goals.

As it is able to be seen fashion is something more than stylish clothes designed by a style creator. Trend can be all outfits which are bought in a store.
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