Cracow is a main city of Malopolska

Kraków is a capital of malopolska place and it is a location which should be visited by the individuals who would like to to spend great moment in time in Poland. Kraków is a good localization to begin sightseeing Republic of Poland town by city, village by countryside. Cracow provides plenty museums to go to and plenty parties to take part in. There is also possible to grab one of krakow tours and get the town know better.
Kraków has its own airport - Balice and it is very not difficult to get there from any area on the world. What is more, there are a lot of corporations which provide krakow airport transfers. You will be taken in deluxe and comfortable cars which will meet expectations of the most demanding clients.

Now it has to be said few words about the greatest and the most important places in Cracow First of all, you should visit Wawel bastion. It is placed near market place and it was a home house of Polish rulers and leaders up to 1795. It was the second main city of Poland after Gniezno. It is also a cemetery where are bodies of the greatest and the most important Poles like: Adam Mickiewicz, Juliusz Słowacki and since 2010 there are also buried bodies of President of Republic of Poland and his spouse - Maria and Lech Kaczyńscy.

Another place worth visiting in Cracow is the newest museum situated under Sukiennice Market place. It is a modern museum which is devoted past times of Kraków till nowadays’s times. The museum is available everyday from eight in the evening to eight in the morning. However, if you are not crazy about museums you are able to frequently visit bars and eating places and feel the unusual atmosphere of special Cracow. In those cafes you can meet individuals connected with painting and literature, like: writers and painters.


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Kraków is an ideal area for everyone, no matter how young are you and what is your job. All are able to find something unique and what catch his/ her attention. To prove the sentence look around and learn why the Kraków has been the favourite localization of leaders few hundreds years ago.

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