Ways to wear sport shoes to be trendy

Now, when you are aware what your first pair of sneakersmust look like, you can use some tips regarding how to wear it. Well, the basic tip is – you can wear them with everything. At this moment, when sneakers are so famous the only one thing you shouldn’t wear it with is your wedding dress. Except of that, it is genuinely hard to think of any example of clothes that sneakers should not be wear with.

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By: Kris Duda
Taken from: http://www.flickr.com
Keep in mind just 2 important rules:
- To begin with, when wearing your sneakers reebok, make sure that your socks are invisible. This can ruin the whole effect! sneakerstudio.co.uk/eng_m_Brands_Reebok-167.html
- Second, your trousers shouldn’t be too loose as well as can’t cover your sneakers. ProbablyGenerally the best option is to choose skinny jeans.
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