2 suggestions for trips for people interested in politics

Different men and ladies are interested in various things. Some of them are interested in music, others like art. Somebody would love to spend the whole holiday walking around different museums. Others would prefer rather to spend whole days on the beach. Nevertheless, there are also people who love current political affairs. And these people would like to spend their holidays to become even more familiar with this field. For such guys, we chose 2 suggestion for trip destinations that might be a perfect place for them for summer!
First recommended destination is Odessa. Flights from warsaw to Odessa were not that fashionable for a while because of the political situation in Ukraine. However, the situation did change recently.

By: Robert Fischbauer
Taken from: http://www.flickr.com
Presently, tons of guys start to go to Ukraine on their days off. Because of that, more and more flights from warsaw (przejdź) to Odessa are easier accessible again. Well.. why is this worth to go to Odessa? Those days, the situation in this part of Ukraine is stable so you do not need to worry about any dangerous situation there However, the situation is still extremely interesting for anybody interested in politics. In this city, you can observe Ukrainian citizens that speak Russian and know not even 1 word in Ukrainian, even though they often feel like Ukrainians - http://lot.com/airline-tickets/flights (click the link)-from-warsaw-to-odessa. Therefore, if you make a decision to go there, you will have a chance to talk to individuals and understand this mentality. It might be very interesting. Especially in the context of current situation of Ukraine now. Moreover, you would have a chance to get familiar with Ukranian history, because of various museum as well as monuments, in case to understand why the divided Ukrainian society looks this way, and what past events made Ukraine in the shape it is nowadays. It is already so tempting. And still have to mention this famous Potemkin Steps – one of the most famous stairs in the whole word!
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