Beauty – an attribute people find very popular and worth fighting for

Beauty is an element that these days is associated first and foremost with women. It is proved by the fact that in various mass medias etc. we can see many beautiful women, whose photos are used inter alia to advertise different goods.

By: Flavio Lorenzo Sánchez
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Generally observing similar videos or reading such ads we appreciate how human body can be so wonderful and perfect regardsconcerning shape, proportions etc. Hence, although not everybody is appropriately either pretty or handsome, but we ought not to be surprised that almost everyone of us finds out that every except various crucial and positive attributes concerning has some disadvantages.

As a result, we should not forget that appearance is pretty influential, and similar fact is referred to women as well as men. However, mostly still the women tend to spend more time in the bathroom doing for instance make-up and preparing herself for going out or meeting somebody. Here, as in other topics such as for instance decorations etc., it is really simple to cross the border between interesting, made with feeling of taste make-up and to overuse it (


Tonight it would be discussed and presented meaning of the expression “trend”

Złoto – hit sezonu
By: D.Marcinkowski
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Today it would be talked about and described meaning of the word “style”. Fashion is associated with not cheap dress, skinny models, style creators and runaway. However, fashion goals are more progressive than comfortable clothing.
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