Relevant reasons why it is worth to go to Santorini for your vacations

I have been to Santorini many times. Actually, it is my favourite holiday destination so I go there very often. Because of this, I also talk with my colleagues about Santorini rather often. I show them pictures from my holidays and santorini hotels and keep on saying how amazing it is. Nevertheless, last year I found out one funny thing during 1 of these conversations. Many people have heard about Santorini and they are familiar with this name. Nonetheless, they have no idea if it was an island, lake or mountain. They were familiar with the name so badly that they were shy to admit that they have no idea what it is. They regularly had no idea where it is located.

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Nevertheless, they could associate this with holiday, beautiful weather and something amazing. When I discovered this, I made a decision to write this very short text just to explain what Santorini is and why it is greatest place for a holiday. Santorini (blog posts) is one of those breathtaking Greek islands. Together with other smaller islands it constitutes circular archipelago that is also called Santorini. The island is located one hundred seventy-five km from the coast of Greece. I am convinced that this is the most charming Greek island. I have been to plenty of them and this one is still my favorite one. I believe you would love it too - visit (visit). To begin with, here are many amazing beaches. And I mean it. They are not only another gorgeous beaches. They are amazing. I believe you haven’t seen anything like that previously on any of Greek islands. Obviously, on those charming beaches you can stay all day as wheter is always great. Moreover, water is always hot. Believe me, these beaches are amazing!


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