It is going to be totally different holiday this year

Last month together with husband we have decided to spent our holidays in rather untypical way. Instead of taking a flight somewhere or taking a bus, we have made up our minds to go by our car. But this is not the only 1 new thing for my family. We choose any destination but to travel by our car anywhere we will feel like travel to. First of all, it sounded for me too weird to do this, but eventually I agreed in view of 2 things.

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To begin with, each year before we have spent holidays in some remote countries. However, a short time ago I have discovered one thing – that I haven’t visited my own country. It always seemed to me that I still have plenty of time to see my country therefore I have always postponed this for later. For this reason, neither I nor my kids have seen something special in my country. Surely except of the main cities. In consequence, that unplanned car trip is going to allow us to become familiar with our own country much more. We will be able to just stop in any place we want and see anything we want. We can spend time at our beautiful see or to live over one of these beautiful lakes - how to prepare snack pellets .


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Citizens, who are living these days in our country, many of hours are spending with their mobile phones. Nothing weird in that, it is very useful thing, with plenty apps, and it's available probably for everyone.

Secondly, every time we were spending holidays in an exclusive hotel abroad, it seemed to me that my family doesn’t really spent enough time together. My daughter were usually walking around a town the whole day because she loves walking tours and getting to know new places. My son was usually lying on the beach all day long, as he loves sunbathing and is rather lazy when it comes to any other activities during holidays. My husband likes swimming. Therefore, I could always see him either in a swimming pool or in a sea. And what about me? I was always trying to integrate my and spent with each of family member as much time as possible - like these snackpellets.
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