Old and today’s streams of street art – theme for a room design.

Fresco is a way of mural painting executed upon semi wet lime plaster, that is the reason why this kind of paintings became an integral part of the wall. The most popular fresco was made by Michelangelo in Rome in the Sistine Chapel.

Nowadays this technique is used very seldom, but more and more well-known have become murals. In fact fresco is a sort of mural, because mural is a kind of artwork coloyred or applied streight on a wall, so we can say that Banksy appers to be XXI century Michelangelo and he may have got a very similar popularity like the fantastic artist who worked in the XVI century among contemporary people. Now when we say murals wall and scenes appear in front of us, most of the time with antiwar and anticonsumerism motives. Mural is a kind of outside artwork and it is destined for the big audience. In many towns there are entire quarters coloured with murals – Explore Demural. They come into sight in big walls, murals wall and great area that is the most sucessful connection, mostly these creations are painted on large apartment buildings.

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Sometimes murals are paintes on public facilities (like railway stations) or communication constructions like in the city of Cracow (Republic of Poland) where roundabount was decorated with mural which presented a giant container of water colour paints, what is important – this mural is entirely legal and it brings recollections about first steps in school and being a child. Murals are most of all high classed works with a great method of painting, maybe that is the reason why many people want them in their rooms – Explore interesting arrangements. Now wall colouring is very popular in an indoor spaces, so we have got children room murals with cars or toys, kitchen murals full of fruits and vegetables and living rooms with romantic sunset. Of’ course these exa,ples can be much more interestong therefore we could have got kitchen murals with for example an ancient cook at work, all in all with everything that we want. It is only a question of our imagination and o’ course the tallent of an artist.

Fresco was famous in XV-XVIII century and it was very expensive, now we could have got a part of these times – a magnificent mural just in front of our eyes in our favourite places and apartments.