Fashion is in all places, and most people like to be a fashionabale !

Fashion is everywhere, fashion surrounds us and most individuals love to be presented as a fashionabale part of inhabitants.
Sadly, not each can afford to buy a fashionable dress taken just from runaways and designed by popular and talented fashion creators.
Nearly everyone of population purchase dress in normal clothing stores where clothing are created in China, India or Italy and are brought in to aim locations like the UK or Ireland.

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Nevertheless, most of those clothes are created by individuals who have been motivated by the style shows. The designers have changed some parts of clothes, added some ornaments or modified only color of the clothes and then they sell it as theirs. Some people think that dress companies take the designs of the most famous style designers and they are right. That is why, more and more fashion designers cooperate with large dress corporations.

It have to be mentioned 1 important thing- fashion market is 1 of the most competitive industry. People who “use” somebody’s work do not care about the information and heart which were added into doing the project. They just would like to make money – in fast and unfair technique.

Nonetheless, style is something more than a huge industry and style designers fights. style has 5 targets. They are:
1) Practical target – it gives us warm
2) Ethics target– it covers our intimacy
3) Attractive target- it makes individuals look better
4) Sexual aim – it pays attention to other people
5) Formal aim– it presents people’s points of view and jobs they do
All those goals are important to the individuals. Some of them is able to be mixed.

However, most of them are applied unconnectedly. Some people go shopping and purchase dress just of a certain kind – for example, businessmen are able to buy only an official dress when they would like to have a victorious company.
No matter if you love style or not, you are involved in it-if not, you will go bare. Style provides us the basic needs- a need to keep our intimacy enclosed. It is a very important feature for both individuals- poor and wealthy ones.