How sneakers started to be that highly famous within last years?

Those people, who are passionate about fashion, have noticed a long time ago, that the number of sneaker shop had been constantly growing. For such people, it can have been a sign, that sneakers were about to be highly famous. Nevertheless, probably nobody could have expected that type of popularity. Within a few years, everything has changed.

Previously, sneakers puma were worn mostly in the gym. Nobody, who was caring about the look or style, would ever wear them on the street. This was a pretty clear distinction – sneakers were for sports, not for being fashionable.


Autor: Birdies100

Definitely, there were some men and females who were wearing them everywhere anyway, but back then, thay were not guys who were interested in fashion. In fact, it was rather an opposite – these type of men and females were regularly described as unfashionable and unkempt. So what is the reason that during merely a few years, that wearing sport shoes outside the gym, have evaluated from being in bad taste to the point when this is the latest rage, greatly famous one?

The answer is difficult. Honestly, it is rather a guessing. But still it might be worth to try to answer that question. The most probable scheme were as following:- Phase One: Sneakers were worn just for sport activities. – Phase Two: Individuals interested in fashion, stars and others who create the newest trends, made a decision to wear them on every day basis. Nevertheless, sneakers were still worn mostly with a sporty outfit.- Phase Three: Fashion designers have seen a huge potential in sneakers. They started to connect sport shoes with other, not automatically sport outfit, such as skirts.- Phase Four: People began to follow. Lots of new sneaker shop were opened. Almost everyone bought at least one pair of sneakers.- Phase Five: Sneakers became so fashionable, that even wearing them with elegant pants is considered to be trendy.

One thing is sure – sport shoes would stay trendy for a long time. So, if you still didn’t get a pair, you should find a nice sneaker shop and pick up the one you like. You are going to definitely have a chance to wear these shoes in a few next seasons, and be trendy!