The most dangerous job – the coal miner!

Working as a supply miner is considered to be 1 of the most difficult and difficult work in the world. Here are lots aspects which make the work more difficult than any different job done in the industry. That article will highlight the most important risks in the coal miners’ daily work.

Mining machinery

Autor: Scott Clark
To start with, below the ground there is no lamp at all. It is very unnatural to people to live and function with no access to the sun’s rays. Men and ladies demand the light to work well and to develop correctly. It is obvious, that the coal miners posses some special torches which make their work easier but it is only a single ray of artificial light, nothing more.

Next, when the coal miners operate very deep the temperature of surroundings is very raised, even 30 Celsius degrees. It is the heat where it is very difficult to operate and think plainly. Moreover, in numerous situations in the coal mines appear spring of liquid which make the jobs more difficult. In these conditions, the miners ought to use certain shoes which protect their feet against liquid. The expert footwear are usually very heavy so the coal miners do not work in nice environment.

The last aspect which is also major in coal miners’ job is the unique mining machinery – . Itjob (see apparent that the contemporary coal miner does not use the ancient tools including hammer and pick axe.

Nowadays, the professional mining devices are manufactured to help the miners in their daily work. The majority of them are maintenance-free but nonetheless they have to be supported by qualified worker. What is more, often the special equipment can create risky situation when it is applied by unauthorised person. In this way there are created incidents.

To sum up, working as a coal miner is rather unsafe task which demand having important talents and best training. Under the ground there is a unique atmosphere, it is very hot and often there are springs. Still, it is a work which certainly provides a lot of pleasure because not everybody can be a coal miner.