Some drawbacks of fast technological progress and how to deal with them

Today people often live in a world full of various appliances. The solutions that are indeed ingenious are being created in right where we live.


Autor: Cajsa Lilliehook
Some things become widely fashionable – there are cases that nearly everybody wants to buy this given thing.
It is difficult to picture the way all these things around are manufactured – which solution is put to use where. Nowadays the complicated machines like cars are assembled from parts to the finished form in just a few hours. Robotisation is a crucial factor. Due to it, manufacturing can be accomplished faster and more effectively. Sometimes people think about the way it is translated into quality. Many production ventures care about it and they perform detailed quality approvals on many production steps. For chosen solutions, for instance medical equipment, the high quality is a significant need which determines whether the device can be authorised or not. However, the excess of all the items and the truth that we reside in a consumption society cause generation of heaps of litter. The abundance of plastic bags, wrappings and other things rises the contamination of our surroundings. The awareness of this can diminish it and encourage people to actions like recycling or purchasing more eco-friendly products.
Fortunately, people gradually learn more about the threats for our world.

This raises a hope that our Earth is not so endangered. The technological progress is a fact that will not be prevented, but it should be carried out with the compliance of particular guidelines.