Vacations in Poland – but where to flight?

European tourists are visiting more and more towns and countries in the world, mainly because of cheap airline agencies. Nowadays we are able to go from one country to different one within couple hours, and the costs for the tickets are really small. If you wish to go for a bigger holiday to some fascinating area, perhaps you should consider Poland? There are plenty of well districts there, with a lot of history. Today we have for you two really interesting places to visit – Gdansk, located on the seaside, or Cracow – next to the mountains, at the South of the country.

From most of the European huger cities, you would get very cheap flights to Krakow, depending on the season of your journey. This spectacular city use to be capital of Poland, in Renaissance, when it was one of the most rich kingdom in the whole Europe. When you are an admirer of lovely architecture, you will feel here like heaven in here. First, the square. Many of pretty, Ancient and Baroque mansions, and spectacular Medieval church at the middle of it. Beside, you must to tour the Sukiennice, well example of merchant place from Middle Age era. But the greatest heritageof Krakow is Royal Castle, for sure. Located at the top of the Wawel hill, was named after it. If you looks closely, you could see at least four different architecture styles on it (click). Beside, you would go to huge cave, where fairy dragon were live – according to the stories, of course. But Krakow is not just about history -it is also about fun – there are a lot of bars and bistro, open till late at night. If you want to find flights to Krakow, just use a network – you will find plenty of trips.


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If you are planning a holiday during warmer time, you definitely have to get flights to Gdansk. It is located on the Baltic seashore, so you will be able admire lovely weather at the beach. But this town is not only about the water, it is also about history. It was district of Germany for a long period of time, when the most sophisticated pieces of architecture raised here. You can notice plenty of rare example for Mannerism architecture, mostly at the square. It use to be a really valuable trading town, because of the Baltic Sea, so you can notice here a nice, secular buildings, even from the Medieval times (look). There are also couple of historical points, connected with WWII history. Post office in Gdansk is famous for it brave fight at this time, when it was free city of Danzig. And during the night, you should definitely go for a beach party, to one of many of clubs located near the sea, it is lovely.

Poland is not only about the Wroclaw or Warsaw, the most popular tourist locations there. If you like to have a party at the seashore and have a bite of history in the same place, find any flights to Gdansk. On the other hand, for those who are a big admirers of Medieval and Italian architecture, Krakow would be right place, with fairy dragon at the cave and so on.

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